New google machine at FCC could be Android TV dongle or Nest speaker

KATHMANDU: Concerns and curiosity have gathered over a new Google machine that appeared at the office of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, labelled as a Wi-Fi machine.

According to online media sources, the machine is listed as mannequin quantity GXCA6 model with the presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

With additional information printed on the bottom of the device, the oval shape roughly matches the “Sabrina” Android TV dongle and is expected to be so.

However, tech-geeks are not quite sure since previous Chromecast units had FCC IDs A4R-H2G2-42 (1st-gen), NC2-6A5 (2nd-gen), NC2-6A5-B (3rd-gen), and NC2-6A5-D (Ultra), and that of GXCA6 is A4RGXCA6.

Other options and analysis include that this is possibly a new product class that’s getting its personal mannequin quantity string, or that it is the upcoming Nest-branded speaker that will presumably replace the out of stock Google Home.

This option on GXCA6 is likely because the number may represent model number departure. In the previous year, Nest Mini was modelled H2C, while previous devices include H0ME (Google Home), H0A (Home Mini), H0B (Home Max), H1A (Nest Hub), and H2A (Nest Hub Max).

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